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Game development and design log of my MA Indie Game Development at Falmout University

In 2020 I restarted my studies at Falmouth University doing the MA Indie Game Development; here, I’ve been reporting my progress, learnings and the activities related to the course. Occasionally I also add some extra content but without commitment.

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Postmortem analysis

I spent much more time on this activity than I would like to admit. So much fun!  I’m analysing games following these criteria:  Built mainly by only one person;Built-in a small amount of time (maximum of 18 months of development);Small scope (I’m considering around 5 hours of gameplay);I’m not looking at outliers (so no Braid,…

Week 12 – Packaging up

This week, I was able to package and help Dan organise the final bit of the game and the presentation from the gameplay. My wife had to be hospitalised due to suspicion of pulmonary emboli due to the labour, and it shook everything in my life. I had some latest conclusions to share from a…

Week 11: Adjourning

Gabriel birth and getting back My second son was born :-)! I took off this week to embrace the experience and got back to work as much as possible after a few days. My first activity was to review and start packing the game to publish it; besides this humble restart, I don’t have much…


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