Lucas Souza

Game development and design log of my MA Indie Game Development at Falmout University

In 2020 I restarted my studies at Falmouth University doing the MA Indie Game Development; here, I’ve been reporting my progress, learnings and the activities related to the course. Occasionally I also add some extra content but without commitment.

Latest Posts

Postmortem analysis

I spent much more time on this activity than I would like to admit. So much fun!  I’m analysing games following these criteria:  Built mainly by only one person; Built-in a small amount of time (maximum of 18 months of development); Small scope (I’m considering around 5 hours of gameplay); I’m not looking at outliers…More

Week 11: Adjourning

Gabriel birth and getting back My second son was born :-)! I took off this week to embrace the experience and got back to work as much as possible after a few days. My first activity was to review and start packing the game to publish it; besides this humble restart, I don’t have much…More


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