Week 1 – My first Reflective Journal Entry

The first week of the MA Indie Game Development introduced the basic structure of this module and presented the Creative Reflective Journal as the central assessment. I’m reviewing the impact of the propositions on my academic growth and how it helped me clearly define my goals for the next two years.

A Creative Reflective Journal, or just CRJ it’s a blog that documents my thoughts, ideas, and reflections through the evolution of this course. Writing style, study skills, and organization are also related to this activity. Besides this topic, we had our first contact with the forum and a surprising challenge: creating an avatar.

The construction of a public record is something that makes a lot of sense to me personally. I always wanted to build it but never had the proper motivation. It communicates to me as a way to solidify my knowledge and make it accessible to others. The activities related to the presentations and the course introduction happened naturally for me, and I didn’t felt bothered to introduce myself.

I have to confess that I’m frightened by all the writing and reading practice, despite being excited about it. Even after almost three weeks and writing it a little bit late than I proposed to myself, I’m still feeling engaged.

Looking to the future, I found this week a fundamental step and light and stimulating start. It will be joyful to come back to my notes in the next few months and see my progress.

This week I don’t have a reading list yet.

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