Who Am I? And Why I am here? And my goals!

I’m Lucas, a Brazilian, reassembling my life in Brussels.

I’m also a software developer since I remember myself. I called myself a coder for too much time. Some years ago, I started to feel uncomfortable being only a developer and started to review my life and way to live. I think it’s when my journey to the MA Indie Game Development at Falmouth University begins.

I had first visited Brussels almost five years ago. I had a kind of breakdown and changed my job at that time. It was my first formal vacation after ten years of working strictly. I went to visit my girlfriend and my actual wife. She got pregnant with my visit. It was when my life started to change. I prepared myself to welcome my son. I did therapy and reduced my work ours to a health quantity of hours per week. I also reviewed my finances. It was natural to reevaluate my career. Although attempting new challenges was not an option, after all, we had a newborn.

More or less a year passed, I’ve tried new options on my job and found an opportunity to build my first consultancy company providing software development services to the private sector in Brazil. I had to hire, manage the budget of my company, deal with clients and stakeholders. I had to work a lot! But something was missing; besides the money, I never enjoyed my services and felt a lack of meaning and value on what I was doing. Coincidently after one year and a half of a business venture, my wife owns a scholarship at Brussels to finish her post-doctoral studies.

We move to Brussels in November of 2018 with my son and some pieces of luggage. When we arrived, we had many challenges. Even find an apartment was time-consuming. I’ve got a job in less than a month living here. But the bureaucracy of Belgium became an insuperable obstacle.
I don’t have a diploma of superior studies. This fact became a requirement to be authorized to work in Brussels. Besides that, my English needed to be sharped to access any courses and properly accomplish my studies. I’ve spent most of 2019 studying English, French and searching for a University.

I’ve found Falmouth University with a course with an intense appeal for creativity (MA in Creative App Development). The prospect of this course talked too much with me. I reviewed all my life and had to much free time to look critically for my recent accomplishments and realizations. My first university studies attempt was a bachelor in Visual Arts. That is a part of my life that I treat with a lot of affection. When the course change to MA Indie Game Development, I was already building some games in my free time and was studying Unity.

This year (2020), some things changed. I found a job that fulfills the requirements for me to be allowed to work here in Brussels. And also, the pandemic came with a hurtful dose of reality. I’ve started discussing with my wife the possibility of coming back to Brazil to be closer to our families. But I live the conflict that differences Europe and Latin America proportionate to a migrant. In all this struggle, I sure that I want to keep building a career in Game Development, but I’m also sure that I want to be the owner of a business.

All that story leads to my goas with the MA in Indie Game Development:
1 – Build a rock-solid knowledge foundation in Game Development;
2 – Design a Business that is fully remote and location-independent;

I still need to build a better road map and define clear intermediate goals. But this is a good starting point.

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