Challenge 2 – Modifying an existing art artifact, or trying

This was hard for me. I got really nervous about it, and was specially challenging find a proper time to finish it.

I choose opening screen of Sonic The Hedgehog, from 1991. This was one of my first games, or the very first have memories about it. I first played at my cousins house on a Mega Drive:

As obvious the original resolution is… different. And a lot changed since those time. This character was heavily used in many, many games (List of games, 2020).

I started this exercise using a mind map and some sketches. And after I moved on to Opposite Thinking. I planned at first the SCAMPER technique because I had never heard about it before. However, my time constraints were severe.

A picture of my notebook, with some fast notes.

The problem I want to solve is reviewing the opening screen so that anyone who had contact with Sonic, in particular, the old platform games, will recognize it.

My assumptions:

  1. I need to show the Sonic.
  2. It has to present some aspects of the original game.


  1. The presence of the Sonic is not fundamental.
  2. The format is outdated and doesn’t share the real game.


And then my result:

I removed at the end and tried to design a lock screen for phones. It’s something that I could use it and will undoubtedly spark the curiosity in anyone who played this game before. And I removed the character. I believe this is so used that it dispenses any presentation.

The all exercise was intimidating. I made some mistakes paying attention to the other’s works and got stuck. But after some preparation, I found a theme that I would enjoy to work on it. It was a pleasant experience to review the original sprites and the music of this game.

And I almost bought that new mini version of Mega Drive because of that. A fundamental remark to myself is to keep my focus on the challenge and read forum posts only after I finish my work.


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