Week 9 – Post-Morten – Failing on prototype session 2

I failed to finish the prototype on time. November of 2020 was one of those terrible months where I didn’t have any control of my time until the end of the month. And I need to make a careful analysis of what went so wrong in the past few months—this a “Post-Morten” of happened to my second prototype sprint.

At least it was initially. Until I started to write about it, I didn’t realize how much free time I didn’t have and the enormous impact on my studies. In the end, I summarized my actions, improvements, and lessons.

Starting with the history of events

History of events

23rd SeptemberThe module starts – Working well
16th to 22 OctoberSchools closed – Had to take care of my son daily and work
23rd October to 1st NovemberFree time again – Working again with some delay on my schedule
2nd to 13th NovemberSchool vacations – Had to take care of my son daily and work
14th NovemberChanged my organization to adopt the Pomodoro technique and replanned with a finned detail of tasks
18th NovemberPrototype 2 session, I failed to finish my prototype
27th November to 7 DecemberQuarantine, wife got covid, and everybody went home again. Taking care of my son and wife full time. 
2nd DecemberSick leave and replanning
3rd December Focus on writing the Creative Reflexive Journal Entries

Major issues identified

  1. Lack of available time
  2. Attempt to focus on Pomodoro shorter timeboxes and detailed and fined grained planning. 
  3. I envisioned a prototype way too complicated to my restrictions. In the end, it was impossible to finish it.
  4. Out of control life situations (school vacations, quarantine, sickness)
  5. Lack of available time

Actions taken to resolve the issue

  • Re-established the two hours timebox 
  • Reorganized the blog and a google drive with all missing posts
  • Took off a week (end) of sick leave
  • Adopted a faster cycle of writing production with the following process steps:
    • Reading the content of the lecture and related content 
    • Topic structure
    • First draft 
    • Review adding images, links and references
  • Took of major intermediate activities like challenges and replanned to do them after finish the writings.


  • It’s possible to try to extend my limit to submit my work. Due to my sick leave. I’ll try to don’t use it and finish everything without this resource.
  • Writing should come first, during, and after. After spending so much time working on the writings, I found it easier to keep open a draft version to put my insights there. Since my time constraints are tight, this makes it easier to work on them continuously.
  • It’s better to accomplish modest goals than to leave greater unfinished dreams. Work in small actions.


  • Time-management: I work better with 2 hours time-boxes is my best way to work.
  • I improved my blog organization.
  • Writing process.

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