Week 11 – CRJ – Personal Branding, and my interpersonal challenges

Still unclear about how to achieve all that I want to, I need to learn so much, but at the moment, I feel much more capable and empowered somehow. It is becoming more and more evident when I close my latest entries on the Blog. There is so much that I’ve been enjoying learn and work with that it is becoming hard to go back to my regular job. In some sort of way, all the content is helping to improve my daily practice.

At the beginning of my career, I worked as a freelancer. At that time, I had defined what kind of image I wanted to present to my clients: I wanted to acknowledge my capacities to deliver on time. I had some much trouble because of that; I didn’t have experience at the time. My journey ended with half of my projects were delayed. Then a shift my career to be an employee. I forgot this concept for almost ten years; 

It became a real worry again when a first planned to start a consultancy company. In the beginning, I focused my efforts on building a service portfolio that would attend to a set of potential clients that I had in mind. And to present my work, I developed a brand with some freelancers:

My old brand

My entrepreneurship had some success. I was able to establish a good vision of what my services were a build a clientele. But I wasn’t prepared to deal with all business matters and ended missing a partner to deal better with the client acquisition. In the end, it was fundamental to acknowledge the importance of a brand and to transmit a clear message of what was my service and capabilities.

Envisioning the game development practice and how much I’m initially, I feel uncomfortable trying to build a brand. But I aspire to be known as a game developer. It should be apparent at first contact with my blog or with my online presence. In that, I need some realignment. I planned a review of it in the next few micro-sprints. 

Call to action

I figured out that I don’t have a good list of game designers that I admire. Of course, I know the most famous names, but I know so little about them and the values that they translated to their production. I certainly need some improvement on this topic [add another task]. 

Thinking about my core values, I can envision this for the moment:

“I want to build games that pass a clear message through a straightforward narrative and easy gameplay.“

Using this as a core value, I’m looking for references to build this kind of product. To complement my action SMART goal to this topic, I will start little by first creating some posts on my blog about my primary references in the next two weeks and follow the authors on Twitter and so on. 

Besides that, I will review my blog’s design to produce something that can visually represent my interest. And aligned to my interpersonal domain goal, I’ll add some content related to Twitter this week. I’m willing to increase my exposure, but my main goal is to produce some content and expand my knowledge.

“To improve my branding to increase my level of exposure and create an online presence, I will review my blog design in the next two weeks. I will also commit myself to post regularly on Twitter at least once a day for two weeks and will create a post about my primary references as a game designer in the next two weeks.

I went to the Real WORKS hub to verify the opportunities presented there. The job offers amazed me. I’ll keep track of the portal for future research. At the moment, I’m focused on learning and improve some of my critical dispositional domain.


on, W. M. M. (no date) Personal branding 101 for developers {part 1} | Hacker Noon. Available at: https://hackernoon.com/personal-branding-101-for-developers-part-1-643d8ba42ace (Accessed: 3 January 2021).

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