Week 12 – CRJ – Preparing for the next

In January, I’ll join the module Game Development.

In this module, I faced many personal challenges related to time management and had the first contact with game development. Next year I found some solutions, and I’m moving forward to leverage my commitment with the course. Relate knowledge development I’m motivated and eager for more experiences related.

To reduce my time constraints, I’ll reduce my work hours in January so I will be able to expend more productive time on the course. I’ve seen the first countries start the vaccination over their population for COVID, and living in Europe; I think this crisis is about to end, which will imply a more predictable schedule. Besides that, I’m excited to be applying something like a SCRUM-to-ONE in my study life. I already can see some positive impact, and indeed, it is leveraging my productivity as well. 

Regarding game development as a discipline, I want to build a final project that is a product or a game that is available to be played. My first ambition was platform adventure with some narrative development, but after my first two prototype sessions, I reduced my scope. Although I still need to gain much knowledge, I feel that it is an achievable goal and not just a dream. 

On the research side, I’m puzzled about how to properly myself with this activity. I’ve been reading papers and understand a little bit more about how the research works. But it seems a long path for me. I got very interested in AI applied to the development of NPC’s and on “Monte Carlo Tree Search” algorithm. Now I have to figure out how to get started on this knowledge branch.

I plan to start the next module’s reading list this week parallel with a significant review of all my posts. And I still need to accomplish the final video. At least I figured out how to finish them before the webinar.

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