Rapid Ideation 2 – Game Document

Grand Star Sailing Race

Game document, this is a vision of what the game will become.

Game Summary: 

Grand Star Sailing Race (GSST) is a space racing simulation where you pilot a space sailing boat over a solar system circuit. It has a starting point from near a planet and must go to an endpoint far away (another planet).  This a “solar” sailboat that sail the solar winds/light.

The planet and star keep rotating around the start and their position changes. The navigation is in a 3d space, and if the ship is with the back to the start it gains speed, if it is in front it loses speed. 

Core Mechanics: 

  • It’s a 3d open world navigation
  • if the ship is with the back to the start it gains speed, 
    • if it is in front it loses speed. 
  • The solar system keeps rotating
    • The ending point is moving
  • (Bonus) solar winds
  • (Bonus) gravitation attraction


Give an example of a gameplay scenario and how it would play out. This should allow you and everyone in the team to imagine the gameplay and get inspired. 

The player starts with the back of the boat to the start and keeps accelerating, the end line keeps moving and the player changes the direction to face the final destination but loses acceleration if has to navigate facing the sun.


Write how music and sound will be used in the game, and what feeling you want to get from the player. If it’s helpful, name a couple of songs in a similar style. 

Art Style: 

Low poly with a clean and minimal interface.


Concentric Design (no date) Unity Learn. Available at: https://learn.unity.com/tutorial/introduction-to-concentric-design (Accessed: 12 December 2020).

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