Rapid Ideation 2 – Better latter than never

After ending most of all activities, I felt that I need to finish my work related to the rapid ideation session 2. I spent the rest of the year working on it and was able to finish it.

I kept some of my initial plans and added a game document.

I tried to build something that was related to them, so I preserved the bike from the person who was a cyclist. I picked up another sailing boat, and Space was the central theme since one of the articles was related to a star.



The usage of micro sprints saved my life. I managed my available time to finish it properly and learn without getting crazy or losing my sleep. The contact with 3D assets and the definitions of straightforward gameplay was my main challenge.

I started with something in mind and focused on what I could achieve. I felt disappointed after my first interaction, but I had to build something that I could use first. It was the second time that I was working totally on the flying control of an empty block. 

To manage the scale of the 3D assets was hard. I’m still puzzled on how to make usage of more significant proportions, but in the end, I got pleased with the result.

Modeling composition

Another point that proved harder than I expected was constructing a narrative. I started to sketch some dialog in Twine, but I was not happy with the final results, and I would take more time than I had available to build in the game.

Unused dialog tree

Final thoughts

It was amusing. Despite all the effort I had to make to find some time to finish it, I had fun, and I’m proud of my evolution. I’m looking ahead to my next project already and, hopefully, I’ll have enough time to finish it at the end of January.

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