Game Development, new module same late post, but now without it as an assignment

Posting a little bit late but this is the beginning of the first module for me. Well not really I took some time reading and making some studies about the deliberate practice, dealing with my routine problems and reviewing my SMART goals for this module.

The main aspect of this re-start to me is how comfortable I’m with my time management. The first week was full again of life change decisions. I’ll be father again and I had to find new house to a bigger family. Then the second week was crowded by the additional tasks of the house since my pregnant wife is working in produce a baby I had to take care to get them well feed =).

My main goal is focus only on the content of the coming weeks and do not drive away to any other point. I’ll have time to read and make a good research about my curiosity as soon as I have a break, but now my goal is simple keep focus on the content.

And not forgetting my lack of social aptitude I still trying to get more involved, unfortunately it is not the priority at this moment.

I’ll continue improving my social and dispositional domain but the focus of this module is the practical construction of one game prototype.

So re-starting micro sprints, retros and plannings.


Clear, J., 2021. The Beginner’s Guide to Deliberate Practice. [online] James Clear. Available at: <> [Accessed 5 February 2021].

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