Week 10: Industry Insight 2

This week was the 37th week of my wife pregnancy; we started the countdown to receive our second son, Gabriel. With this in mind, I began to push the team to build up the presentation and consider that I would be absent for a while. 

Group contributions: setting up presentation goals

With my new baby incoming, I suggested we start wrapping our bit and recording or organising our presentation earlier, so we don’t have a lot of pressure in the final week. So we reviewed the presentation order and the content that everyone would present. 

I continued the evolution of melee combat without many results. To build it properly, I needed additional animations for the 3D model and integrated a melee weapon. I explained to the team that it would take some time that I didn’t have any more. The same went for the secondary energy system that we had discussed the previous week. I committed myself to continue to evolve it as much as I could, but I’m not too optimistic anymore.

I also started to conclude the addition of the menu with the team’s collaboration, slicing the interfaces created by Linda and bringing them to the game.

My collaboration this week was much briefer than in the previous weeks.

Personal development: presentation technics review

I started to review the presentation to remove the Machine Learning content and to write a new script. This time we agreed to record and send it to Nural’s or Dan to wrap everything together.

The main difference now is that I had some time to focus only on building it from the ground. So I replaced my text to bullet points at the presentation and started draft a more objective presentation.

Conclusion: What can be prepared before the birth

It was a slim week with much work and even less research than the previous week. The preparation to have a baby was taking a heavy toll on my work time. Unfortunately, there is no time management when a pregnant woman is about to deliver.

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