Challenge 2 – Modifying an existing art artifact, or trying

This was hard for me. I got really nervous about it, and was specially challenging find a proper time to finish it. I choose opening screen of Sonic The Hedgehog, from 1991. This was one of my first games, or the very first have memories about it. I first played at my cousins house on…More

First post of the first Game Jam

I found astonishing the usage of Lego blocks to prototype and I’ll certainly use it this week. For game development, maybe due to my lack of experience, I never tried any tools. Although the Fungus for Unity (mentioned in the week’s bibliography. Certainly, I will try it soon). Otherwise, I found the usage of simple…More

My “creative” process

This was my second post at the forum and it’s kind of introspective way to see how I understand my creativity. I’m living most of the time as a Developer immerse spending most of my working hours talking about features, technologies, and bugs (especially bugs). And contradictory, over the years, I’ve been finding more and…More

Week 1 – My first Reflective Journal Entry

The first week of the MA Indie Game Development introduced the basic structure of this module and presented the Creative Reflective Journal as the central assessment. I’m reviewing the impact of the propositions on my academic growth and how it helped me clearly define my goals for the next two years. A Creative Reflective Journal,…More

Who Am I? And Why I am here? And my goals!

I’m Lucas, a Brazilian, reassembling my life in Brussels. I’m also a software developer since I remember myself. I called myself a coder for too much time. Some years ago, I started to feel uncomfortable being only a developer and started to review my life and way to live. I think it’s when my journey…More

An avatar for myself

This was the first challenge from the MA Indie Game Development and was fun! Surprising fun, I had to pickup objects to represent myself in a picture. This was really hard, I had so many things before and now most of things that used to represent me are far away. Luckily I already bought some…More