Week 4: Pitching

This week, we finalised the description of the world, decided the names of the characters and received the designs of the protagonist, now named Asimov and of his companion Spark and how they will interact. Some documentation started to perish on my notes, and I started a Game Design Document section at the confluence to…More

Week 3: Storming

From week 3 to the final post follows much of my memory of the project. I described in those posts what happened much later in their respective week. I had some issues during the project that was life-changing somehow, and I am still getting habituated to them. So some of what I described here might…More

Team Charter

This team charter serves as a record of our agreed processes and commitments. Our Team Lucas Botelho de SouzaNural ChoudhuryLinda FitzgeraldDan McKinleyLuke Morrisby Our project goal Create a 2D isometric-like hack and slash game using Machine Learning as the implementation of AI for enemies. Scope of Work The scope of work is predefined in our…More

Game design

This is my concept. I got thrilled by the idea, and now I’m starting to execute it. 1.    Game Name: “Ira, Chaos first-born”. .1.      Game Mechanics The player is some human entity who kills everything in his way to escape a frozen forest. Everything is a weapon. The core mechanic is the combat that should…More

A humble analysis of the game Gris with the perspective of game principles.More

Personal Study Case video

An overview of my first module Transcription Hello! My name is Lucas, and I’m a Brazilian software developer and game designer aspirant. I’ll share some of my motivations, challenges faced, and learning outcomes after my first module. Starting from the very beginning, I moved with my family from Brazil to Brussels 2 years ago. After…More

Rapid Ideation 2 – Better latter than never

After ending most of all activities, I felt that I need to finish my work related to the rapid ideation session 2. I spent the rest of the year working on it and was able to finish it. I kept some of my initial plans and added a game document. I tried to build something…More