Rapid Ideation 2 – Game Document

Grand Star Sailing Race Game document, this is a vision of what the game will become. Game Summary:  Grand Star Sailing Race (GSST) is a space racing simulation where you pilot a space sailing boat over a solar system circuit. It has a starting point from near a planet and must go to an endpoint…More

Week 12 – CRJ – Preparing for the next

In January, I’ll join the module Game Development. In this module, I faced many personal challenges related to time management and had the first contact with game development. Next year I found some solutions, and I’m moving forward to leverage my commitment with the course. Relate knowledge development I’m motivated and eager for more experiences…More

Micro-sprint 01 retrospective

About this sprint: From 4th December to 6th DecemberGoal: “to review the blog content, organizing and filling the missing Creative Journal Reflexions.” Highlights Blog organization reviewed. I produced seven creative reflexive journal posts. I need the final review, but the main ideas and text are published. I Produced an additional text [Week 9 Post Morten] I…More

Week 9 – Post-Morten – Failing on prototype session 2

I failed to finish the prototype on time. November of 2020 was one of those terrible months where I didn’t have any control of my time until the end of the month. And I need to make a careful analysis of what went so wrong in the past few months—this a “Post-Morten” of happened to…More

Week 9 – CRJ- Communities of practice

Communities of Practice are a group of people who share knowledge and experience in benefit of an endeavor (Wenger, 2011). I barely oversee the impact of all communities of practice that I know. From open-source (Liferay, and Wildfly) communities to the Java Community Process (JCP), I participated in software development groups. Most recently, I have…More

Week 8 – CRJ – About user research

I reviewed the definition of user research, ethical implications, risk management, and how this is related to game development in the context of Playtesting practices. I learned a lot about Playtesting and serious games. And read much more than  I expected after I fell in love with “https://sci-hub.do/“. This systematic review (Yáñez-Gómez, Cascado-Caballero and Sevillano, 2017)…More

Rapid Ideation 2 – First steps

I started with planning and limiting my time to spend on these ideas.  At the beginning of this activity, I had 168 pomodoros. It provided me a perspective if I’m spending too much or too little time on any action or how much time I’ll have to spend without sleeping. (I am not planning, don’t…More

Rapid Ideation 2 – Setting up

I’m still working on an article about my experience with the first ideation session. However, it’s already clear the main topics that I should improve on in this new session.  I suffered time managing myself and struggled with my organization. Other points I failed to achieve. Although independently of the first results, I learned a…More