Challenge 3 – Prototyping Factorio and scratching the wall

Context This challenge is about reverse engineer a game using third-week prototype tools. I choose a game named Factorio for two reasons: it’s highly addictive and utterly complex. It is a survival sandbox game based highly influenced by Minecraft. Published by “Wube Software” and created by a team of 10 programmers and artists. Factorio won…More

Project presentation – Skyboat

This is the presentation of my project. It’s a warm up I’ll add more content on the next few day but I think that is fundamental show how far I could go until now. My main goal here was to make usage of HDPR (and this link), Shaders and implement a flying mode. Ultimately I…More

Week 6 – Readings and dealing with my limitations

A retrospective about myself, what went “good,” “not good,” and what to improve: usually, on my teams, we started with those questions. Sometimes we review all tasks, trying to figure out any conclusion of how the thing went. If everything was fine, we asked why and mostly what could be improved. The bad things are…More

Week 5 – Reflection

This week, I spent most of my time learning how to deal with Shaders and figuring out how to import correctly 3D assets on Unity for my prototype. I also reviewed the Scrum framework and had my first off business attempt to use SMART goals, and the most important: I got utterly astonished by the…More

Challenge 2 – Modifying an existing art artifact, or trying

This was hard for me. I got really nervous about it, and was specially challenging find a proper time to finish it. I choose opening screen of Sonic The Hedgehog, from 1991. This was one of my first games, or the very first have memories about it. I first played at my cousins house on…More

First post of the first Game Jam

I found astonishing the usage of Lego blocks to prototype and I’ll certainly use it this week. For game development, maybe due to my lack of experience, I never tried any tools. Although the Fungus for Unity (mentioned in the week’s bibliography. Certainly, I will try it soon). Otherwise, I found the usage of simple…More