Module 3 – Co-Creative practice

A personal development log of Asimov

Assignment and module goal

‌This module is focused on teamwork for a computing project based on our personal interests and alignment with the studies. We have two assignments:‌

  • Demonstration and Pitch (30%)
  • Individual Contribution to Artefact – Development Log (70%)

‌This blog is focused on the second part and will describe all my personal contributions and conclusions related to the activities executed. Besides that, it will also be aligned on my personal goals.‌

Personal goals

My primary goals for this module are: ‌

  • Learn more about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), justified by the current growth of the market related to AI and ML. Some estimation of a market sized in $ 306 bilion by the end of 2026 (Artificial Intelligence Market by Offering, no date)
  • Continue the development of my skills related to the construction of games with 2D as main style. This is a personal goal justified by my previous module activities and all the reduction of complexities related to this game structure.


‌Artificial Intelligence Market by Offering (no date). Available at: (Accessed: 16 June 2021).‌

Assignments: Co-Creative Design & Development Practice GDD730 20/21 Part-Time Study Block S3 (no date). Available at: (Accessed: 16 June 2021).

Week 12 – Packaging up

This week, I was able to package and help Dan organise the final bit of the game and the presentation from the gameplay. My wife had to be hospitalised due to suspicion of pulmonary emboli due to the labour, and it shook everything in my life. I had some latest conclusions to share from a…

Week 11: Adjourning

Gabriel birth and getting back My second son was born :-)! I took off this week to embrace the experience and got back to work as much as possible after a few days. My first activity was to review and start packing the game to publish it; besides this humble restart, I don’t have much…

Week 10: Industry Insight 2

This week was the 37th week of my wife pregnancy; we started the countdown to receive our second son, Gabriel. With this in mind, I began to push the team to build up the presentation and consider that I would be absent for a while.  Group contributions: setting up presentation goals With my new baby…

Week 9: Industry Insight 1

This week I worked at the inventory and item system, adding new items and building up the mechanic of re-use enemies without using the data model behind build using Machine Learning. We discussed how the item systems would work; we detailed the player interface and started introducing the 3D models to the game. Group contributions:…

Week 8: Intellectual Property

This week, I spent all my time reviewing the codebase, organising what we had produced, revisiting the CI/CD pipeline, adding new assets and creating new items for the game. On teamwork, we had some friction over the description and status of the activities.  Group contributions: combat reviewed, scene structure and many assets This week, the…

Week 7: (not)performing

This week’s focus was primarily on recovering from the previous week and taking some hard decisions to the Machine Learning development path. This week was the opposite of the theme propose and was not performant at all.  Exceptionally this week, the order of my personal development log comes first from the group report. So it…

Week 6: Practice Pitch Week

This week we put every bit of our work together to make the presentation. It was personally challenging for me to review what I wrote so many times and present live it. So the research part was halted. Group contributions: presentation effort This week started with the retrospective session from the previous week.  Next, we…

Week 5: Norming

Group contributions: not so much built from my side, more on the concepts of the game This week I didn’t produce code. Instead, I brought the team a new game mechanic: re-use the enemies and make them work as allies. My research was moving in the direction to update the ML data model using the…

Week 4: Pitching

This week, we finalised the description of the world, decided the names of the characters and received the designs of the protagonist, now named Asimov and of his companion Spark and how they will interact. Some documentation started to perish on my notes, and I started a Game Design Document section at the confluence to…

Week 3: Storming

From week 3 to the final post follows much of my memory of the project. I described in those posts what happened much later in their respective week. I had some issues during the project that was life-changing somehow, and I am still getting habituated to them. So some of what I described here might…

Week 2 – Ideation

Work structure, organization, and first prototype applied model of AI

Week 1 – Formation

About how the group was formed, first interactions, and an overview about AI/ML applied to games

Team Charter

This team charter serves as a record of our agreed processes and commitments. Our Team Lucas Botelho de SouzaNural ChoudhuryLinda FitzgeraldDan McKinleyLuke Morrisby Our project goal Create a 2D isometric-like hack and slash game using Machine Learning as the implementation of AI for enemies. Scope of Work The scope of work is predefined in our…