Module 4 – Indie Game Start-up

Development log of Indie Game Start-up project

Assignment and module goal

‌This module is focused on the activities to build a business related, specifically an Indie Game Business. There are two assignments in this module, as per the overview below [1]:

Assignment 1: Business Plan with Supporting Research (30%) 

Working individually, you must create a business plan, including: business model canvas, outline of game concept, sales projections, budget, sources of funding, development schedule and marketing plan. Decisions must be justified with research. Sales projections must be supported by market research and competitor analysis. 

Assignment 2: Indie Game Proof of Concept with Supporting Innovation Materials (70%) 

Working individually or as a team, produce a proof of concept for the game you proposed in your business plan, supported by a personal portfolio showcasing your individual contribution and production process. The proof of concept must include a trailer, store page, marketing materials, social media presence, press release, pitch document and a prototype. The prototype can either be a playable vertical slice or a concept video. Marks for this assignment are allocated for the proof of concept as well as the personal portfolio demonstrating individual contribution.

Personal goals

My primary goals for this module are: ‌

  1. Finish all the assignments with better marks then the previous ones
  2. Understand bettter how to build a successful game business;


[1]. Assignments: Indie Game Start-Up IGD740 21/22 Part-Time Study Block S1 (no date). Available at: (Accessed: 15 October 2021).

Postmortem analysis

I spent much more time on this activity than I would like to admit. So much fun!  I’m analysing games following these criteria:  Built mainly by only one person;Built-in a small amount of time (maximum of 18 months of development);Small scope (I’m considering around 5 hours of gameplay);I’m not looking at outliers (so no Braid,…