Micro-sprint 01 retrospective

About this sprint: 
From 4th December to 6th December
Goal: “to review the blog content, organizing and filling the missing Creative Journal Reflexions.”


  • Blog organization reviewed.
  • I produced seven creative reflexive journal posts. I need the final review, but the main ideas and text are published.
  • I Produced an additional text [Week 9 Post Morten]
  • I worked at least twenty hours.
  • I Fully embraced the two hours time boxes and calendar planning
Minor overview of my calendar

Problems and solutions

I couldn’t execute any task if I planned them for early morning. It was impossible to wake up. I got frustrated with my expectation initially. I moved the activities that I planned from the early morning to the night. At least until I find a way to improve my sleep.

Spend all day reading and writing is exhausting, and I had to take a break on Saturday night. I stopped because I was struggling to synthesize and order my ideas. It was a clear signal that I was exhausted. Usually, I take a beer to relax, but I just watched some anime with my wife to recharge my batteries. I need to take into account for the future the rest time at the end of the micro sprint.

I focused some time on my frustration and ended some days regretting not doing it before. It certainly, drained some of my energies; however, I think this is part of learning and dealing with all my difficulties.


I’m proud of my work, although I’m still working on the final articles. It was possible to see how much I have learned, and it helped me identify some problems in my practice to overcome my difficulties. 

Bring some of the agile methodologies from my professional life to my personal life with the adoption of some of the concepts is something that I definitely should have done earlier. 

I produced an additional post with a Post Morten related to my second prototype session and reviewing what went wrong and right. It was a great experience; it became clear the significant challenges I faced over the past few months. And how they impacted my experience. By that, I found a better alternative to my time management and started to elaborate on a plan to have more available time for the next module and produce my games.

I discovered this expression recently: “reduce friction.”  It induced me to review my focus on using Unity at this phase of the course. I realized how much time I spent learning another programming language and how frustrating it was. I’m shifting to technology more familiar to me and with a “smoother” learning curve, reducing my learning’s friction. (I might be misusing it at this time, but this is the idea)



  • Plan some rest timing
  • Develop games/prototypes with familiar tools


  • Plan activities for early morning
  • Regret the missed time


  • Daily plan with a schedule and 2 hours timebox 
  • To do retros, post-mortens, reviewing that I’m doing

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